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Emergency Garage Door Service & Repair

Emergency Service
Do you need emergency garage door services or repair for your commercial/residential property?

Have an emergency garage door door-related issue? Canadoor Door Systems proudly provides 24-hour emergency services to ensure that your garage door systems are always running smoothly. No matter the situation, #TeamCanadoor’s response time is within an hour! Not only can we conduct immediate safety inspections during the day, but we are also available for 24-hour emergency safety expectations. If your door system needs immediate attention during the night, we’ll be there to solve the problem and ease your mind.

Emergency Services & Safety Inspections

Canadoor Door Systems considers a door emergency to be any situation where the security of your facility is in jeopardy – or – where your workflow has been disturbed. Is your garage acting differently? Are you concerned that something may be awry with your door system? If you feel that your door is not functioning properly, odds are, there’s something wrong. With years of experience, our team can quickly deliver service that will validate your concern, identify the problem, and fix it. Immediate safety inspections are key in preventing further damage and safety concerns. No need to worry – just give us a call.

Unforunate Circumstanes & Weather Trauma

If you regularly use your garage as the entryway into your home, you may be the type of person to leave their front door keys behind. However, if your overhead door suddenly fails, and your garage is the only access point you have to your home, Canadoor can help to get you inside safely. Our same 24-hour service offer applies to weather-related door trauma as well. Secondly, with unpredictable storms, we know that the weather doesn’t wait for daylight to bring you trouble. If damage occurs during a storm, and you need immediate help, we will arrive quickly to apply a weather-damage seal, helping to protect your home and your family from additional harm.


Should you require our services outside of normal business hours, the cost for a commercial emergency call is double our hourly rate. If you have any non-emergency related questions or comments, please fill in our form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.