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We have a commercial overhead door solution for your business

At Canadoor, we’re able to adapt our commercial garage door systems to fit your specific needs. We understand that all projects are different and that what works for one industry or property, may not work for the next. We are always accepting new challenges – to identify the specific needs of your project and to deliver the best solution possible. We currently serve a wide variety of clients in the following industries:

Automobile & Transportation
Whether you need quick and quiet overhead doors to facilitate the flow of cars moving through your dealership or service bay, or you need durable industrial doors for automotive and transport manufacturing, Canadoor will help you find the right door and dock system.

Food & Beverage
Overhead doors and loading docks for food storage and transport have unique needs for cold storage and other temperature and humidity controls. We understand these requirements and can recommend ideal solutions for your facility and product.

We support organizations across the healthcare sector, from pharmaceutical distribution to long term care homes. Within these groups, the applications for commercial overhead doors vary, and Canadoor can make recommendations specific to each facility.

Public Sector
All levels of government manage multiple locations with unique purposes, and each requires a specific overhead door solution. Canadoor has the depth of knowledge and training to provide for them all, from local municipal facilities to national services.

Efficient and reliable overhead doors keep the flow of goods running throughout the retail sector. We can support individual retailers or large scale retail developments with doors that perform.