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Car Wash Door Solutions

BayWatch Car Wash Door Solutions By Canadoor Door Systems

BayWatch Enterprises has been setting the car wash door and monitoring systems standard since 1995. As an industry leader ourselves, we at Canadoor stand by the quality, durability, and diverse capabilities of BayWatch Enterprise’s unmatched, innovative, and high-quality car wash door solutions.

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BayFlex Vinyl Car Wash Door

The BayFlex Vinyl Car Wash Door is designed to withstand the harshest of car wash environments and to eliminate the need for hinges, cables, belts, drums, pulleys, and other door elements that are vulnerable to corrosion. BayFlex doors are available in clear, royal blue, red, black, green, yellow, white, grey, and orange.

Additional Features
  • Engineered for high-volume use
  • Allow for visibility and light
  • Break-Away™ design
  • Low maintenance
  • Curtain speeds up to 50” per second
  • Heat retention
bayflex vinyl car wash door

Polycarbonate Car Wash Door

The BayWatch Polycarbonate Car Wash Door provides the highest levels of car wash security and heat retention. With triple wall panels and anodized aluminum door panel frames, you can’t go wrong with these superior doors

Additional Features
  • Stainless steel shafts and brackets
  • Full vision panels
  • Custom door sizing
polycarbonate car wash door

Remote Access Systems

IntelliWatch Premium Operating System

With IntelliWatch is an on-site car wash monitor that provides real-time status of your doors and heaters – to ensure your bay is running smoothly and is protected from the elements.

Additional Features
  • Single Thermostat Control
  • FIn-Store Monitoring
  • CTime/Temp Control
  • Door Isolation Control
  • Car Wash Interface Included

BayWatch Standard Operating System

The BayWatch Standard OS has raised the bar in car wash technology by offering programmable adjustable door height, variable speed drive, and manual door rising.
rolling steel service commercial overhead doors

Car Wash System Accessories

BayHeat Radiant Heaters

BayHeat Radiant Heating is among the most environmentally friendly heating solutions available. Innovated by BayWatch, BayHeat delivers savings of 30% to 70%, lowers NOx emissions, simplifies electrical installation, can be zone controlled, and so much more.

BayHeat Electric Heaters

BayHeat Electric Heaters feature high limit temperature controls, thermally protected motors, built in capillary thermostats, power indicator lights, moisture and corrosion control housing, and more. Finished in a semi-gloss powder, these heaters are protected against rust and are pleasing to the eye.
bayheat radiant heaters

BayBanner Roll-Up Advertising Systems

Providing effective car wash door advertising, the BayBanner by BayWatch offers full-colour advertising that has high visibly to street traffic. Standard and customized sized available. Initial install is included in your first banner purchase. Banners can be changed with ease.
baybanner roll up advertisting